Walter Robinson

B. 1950


One-person exhibitions


2014-16   “Walter Robinson: Paintings and Other Indulgences,” a retrospective at     

the University Galleries, Normal, Ill.; traveling in January 2016 to Moore     College Galleries, Philadelphia



“Figure Studies,” Lynch Tham, New York, May 2014

“Painkillers,” Tops, Memphis



“Indulgences,” Dorian Grey Gallery, March 2013



“Hello from New York,” Firecat Projects, Chicago, December 2012



Metro Pictures, New York



Cabinet Gallery, London



Tricia Collins Grand Salon, New York



Metro Pictures, New York

Semaphore Gallery, New York

Wessel O'Connor, Rome

Zero One, Los Angeles



Metro Pictures, New York (with Thomas Lawson)

Piezo Electric, New York

Zero One, Los Angeles



Piezo Electric, New York

Semaphore Gallery, New York (with Duncan Hannah)

Metro Pictures, New York


1982     Metro Pictures, New York


Group exhibitions:



“Charles Bukowski & Walter Robinson: There's a Bluebird In My Heart,” Owen James, New York

“Copy Paste,” curated by Chris Bors, “SPRING/BREAK Art Show,” New York

“Don’t Make a Scene,” Kai Matsushima, New York

“Hard Love,” curated by Barry Blinderman, Jose Martos, New York



“Unrealism,” curated by Jeffrey Deitch, Moore Building, Miami
“Only 2.5 Hrs from GWB,” curated by Pia Dehne, Hamden, New York, and Roxbury, New York
“Sweet Smell of Success,” curated by James and Enzo Shalom, New York Hilton Hotel

“Viewer Discretion … Children of Bataille,” curated by Kathleen Cullen, Stux + Haller, New York

“La femme de trente ans,” curated by Caroline Soyez-Petithomme, art : concept Paris

“To Your Health! The Science, Culture & Art of the Cocktail,” Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania

“Twenty by Sixteen,” curated by Geoffrey Young, Morgan Lehman, New York

“un(Scene) art fair,” New York

“SPRING/BREAK Art Show,” Skylight at Moynihan Station, New York



“Spring/Break,” March 2014, New York

“Bad Conscience,” Metro Pictures, Jan 16-Feb 22, curated by John Miller



“Social Photography III,” Carriage Trade, N.Y.

“Peter Angemann, Walter Robinson: Plein Air - Hot Romance, Sept. 22-Nov. 4, 2013, Kunstmuehle, Muersbach, Germany, curated by Thomas Eller

“404 E 14,” Tibor de Nagy Gallery, June 20-Aug 2, 2013

“All F*#king Summer,” Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach

“Found and Lost,” curated by Hope Sandrow, ArtSites, Riverhead, June 8-Aug 18



“Bad for You,” curated by Beth Rudin deWoody, Shirazu Gallery, London

“White Male Complex,” cur by Thomas Eller, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Nov 3-24, 2012

“Times Square Show Revisited,” Hunter College Art Galleries, Sept. 14-Dec. 8

“Claxon,” curated by Walter Robinson, Haunch of Venison, New York

“Ping-Pong Basel Miami,” Projektraum M54, Basel, Switzerland

Data Trash,” curated by Chris Dorland, I-20, New York

“Desperately Seeking Susan: Art from the 1980s,” Kathleen Cullen Fine Art

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