The New Normal

Richard Artschwager, Dina Gadia, China Marks, Bruce Nauman and Elin Rodseth

January 18 - February 17, 2017

bruce nauman malice lithograph
china marks and dina gadia artwork installed
China Marks Prophet Without Honor, 2015 Fabric, lace thread, plastic animal, jade glue gray-chek and fusible adhesive
China Marks In The Dark, 2013 Fabric, thread, fusible adhesive
china marks and dina gadia artworks installed
Dina Gadia Aestheticized Arrangement, 2015 Collage
Dina Gadia Several Familiar, 2015 Collage
Dina Gadia Potential of a Triangular Composition, 2015 Collage
china marks dina gadia and bruce nauman artwork
China Marks How His Troubles Began, 2012 Fabric, thread and fusible adhesive
China Marks Gods And Men, 2016 Fabric, thread, screenprinting ink and fusible adhesive
dina gadia and china marks artwork
Dina Gadia Return of the Dead Impression, 2015 Collage
China Marks And Breathe The Perfumed Air, 2016 Fabric, thread and fusible adhesive
China Marks Lost In Space, 2006 Fabric, thread and fusible adhesive 16 x 13 in. / 40.6 x 33 cm.
bruce nauman elin rodseth and richard artschwager artwork
Bruce Nauman Malice, 1980 Lithograph 29 1/2 x 41 1/2 in. / 74.9 x 105.4 cm. Edition of 75
elin rodseth diptych
Elin Rodseth Resident I, 2015 Woodcut and monotype  on Hanemuhle paper
Elin Rodseth Resident II, 2015 Woodcut and monotype on Hanemuhle paper 11 3/4 x 15 1/8 in. / 29.8 x 38.4 cm. Edition of 20
Richard Artschwager Intersect, 1992 Softground etching with spitbite, aquatint and drypoint 35 3/4 x 36 1/4 in. / 90.8 x 92.1 cm. Edition of 80

Press Release

The world today is something totally new, as a negative zeitgeist now predominates. Moving forward through each day it feels that we are walking further and further backward. Progress is a dirty word, truth is  just a fairy tale, and confusion is a policy. Whether one is contemplating culture and politics in the U.S., the Philippines, or almost anywhere else in the world, things seem more dark and less secure. The artists in this exhibition all embrace a certain darkness, whether in a humorous, linguistic or literal sense.

Welcome to 2017.

Welcome to The New Normal.