The Sun Also Rises


Chiaozza, Jon Cowan, Phillip Guston, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Sol LeWitt, Mark Mann, Robert Mangold, Elin Rødseth, and Yasmin Sison

May 16 – July 18, 2020

Jon Cowan painted triptych book
Chiaozza Exquisite Plant Collage (No. 31), 2018
Kelly cyclamen plant lithograph
Jon Cowan painted book
Elin Rodseth Wayfarers set
elin rodseth wayfarers detail image
Chiaozza Exquisite Plant Collage (No. 34), 2018 Collage of painted paper on acid-free paper
Jon Cowan painted triptych book
Guston Summer lithograph of cherries
mark mann, painting of woman on pool chair
Elin Rødseth Networker (No. 9), 2018 Photopolymer on paper
Yasmin Sison postcard collage
Jasper Johns Catalog Cover screenprint
detail image of Jasper Johns screenprint
Jon Cowan painted book
Chiaozza Exquisite Plant Collage (No. 32), 2018
Chiaozza Sun Stack, 2019 Acrylic on paper pulp
Chiaozza Sun Stack side view
Yasmin Sison postcard collage
Jon Cowan painted triptych book
mark mann painting of mother and son in pool, diptych
Chiaozza Bowing Buds, 2019
Chiaozza bowing buds sculpture side view
Elin Rødseth Den, 2018 Color woodcut (couch)

Press Release

During these surreal days, there is a natural desire to explore the immediate reactions to and ramifications of this pandemic. There is also a need, however, to step back a bit...

To take a deep breath.... And move beyond the present.

This exhibition, then, is an attempt to momentarily serve as a restorative measure, easing the heart and uplifting the mind.

A thoughtful blend of  established and emerging contemporary voices, touching on both abstract and narrative traditions, these works, small in scale, are about openness: the balance of a form, the outline of a flower, the hopeful return of  normalcy and companionship.

The exhibition’s title alludes to Ernest Hemingway’s novel of the same name, and the notion that within even the most troubled generations and time-periods there remains a powerful resilience and strength.

We, too, shall persevere.